November 26, 2020

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K.G.F: Chapter 2 es una próxima película de acción del período en idioma kannada indio dirigida por Prashanth Neel. La película es una secuela de K.G.F: Capítulo 1, que se lanzó en 2018 y está protagonizada por Yash en el papel principal, repitiendo su papel de la primera película y el actor de Bollywood Sanjay Dutt como el antagonista. La fotografía principal comenzó en marzo de 2019. Se espera que la película se estrene en julio de 2020 y se doblará en hindi, malayalam, tamil y telugu.

KGF 2 Official Trailer | Yash | Sanjay Dutt | Srinidhi S | Raveena T | Prashanth N | KGF Chapter 2


Yash as Raja Krishnappa Bairya / Rocky
Sanjay Dutt as Adheera
Raveena Tandon as Ramika Sen, Prime Minister of India in 1981
Srinidhi Shetty as Reena Desai
Ramachandra Raju as Garuda
Malavika Avinash as Deepa Hegde, editor in chief of 24 / News
Saran Sakthi
Vasishta N. Simha as Kamal
Anant Nag as Anand Ingalagi
Archana Jois as Shanthamma, Rocky’s mother
Achyuth Kumar as Guru Pandian
Avinash B S as Andrews
Rao Ramesh

Production Of K.G.F: Chapter 2

The filming of KGF: Chapter 2 began in March 2019, with a small part of the film that was already filmed during KGF: Chapter 1. After an initial round of filming near Bangalore, filming began in the cyanide hills in Kolar Gold Fields in August 2019.


In July 2019, Sanjay Dutt confirmed the speculation about his appearance in the film. The team placed the first poster of the film on Dutt’s 60th birthday on July 29. When signing Dutt, Yash found: “Sanjay Dutt is a wonderful actor, and when elements such as his physical appearance, image, legacy and, in addition, the type of paper that KGF Chapter 2 has recorded for him come together, it only adds value” . Dutt compared his Adheera character with Thanos, and revealed that “he was shown to be a dangerous character with scary makeup” and added that it was the role he was looking for.Media rumors that Raveena Tandon would appear in the film began circulating in February 2019. A news report in The Times of India in August confirmed that Tandon will be seen in a “leading role” in the film. In August 2019, Saran Shakthi would be playing “an important role.”